ALUMNI UPDATE: J.R. Mewing, Now Known as Robbie (J. Robert Oppenheimer)

ALUMNI MONDAY: J.R. Mewing Now Robbie (short for J. Robert Oppenheimer)

J.R. on the bed at his foster family's home.

2021: J.R. after his first eye surgery, recuperating in his foster home.

Buckle up, dear readers, this is one amazing fairytale ending that is still developing.
June 2020: J.R. was a 10-year old stray who had been on his own for a long time. He suffered with severe untreated eye and ear infections which prevented him from being able to catch food and protect himself. He knew he could no longer go on alone, so he found a porch of what he hoped was a nice person and laid down. When the homeowner saw the cat on her porch, she thought it was dead. She called animal control to come get it.
Imagine the animal control officer’s surprise when the cat struggled to raise its head and look up at her with pus-filled eyes and mangled ears. Infested with fleas, skinny and covered with dirt, it was clear that he had been on his own a very long time, struggling to survive. He was so weak that he could barely get up, yet so frightened that he desperately tried to escape.

Back at the shelter, JR showed us he wanted to live. With several weeks of intense care, he began to improve. Over the next year he endured a complex surgery to repair his eyes, he worked hard to gain back his strength and he went into foster to build his trust in humans. His recovery took an army of dedicated veterinarians, DCSPCA staff, and volunteers.

J.R. now Robbie sitting on the window sill.

2022: Robbie (formerly J.R.) after his ear surgery, enjoying life in his forever home.

From “Out of Luck” to the Luckiest Cat
J.R.’s story was shared with Arm & Hammer for a contest called Purrfectly Imperfect and he was one of three national winners.  As a part of his prize, JR’s was featured in the Poughkeepsie Journal:
Cue the Fairy Godparents!
January 2021: Christine read J.R.’s story in the Journal and immediately called the shelter. She wanted to adopt him immediately and was prepared to take on all that would entail. She spoke with our adoption counselors, our veterinarian and received a volume of his medical records. J.R. might still need surgery, he also had allergies and skin issues. J.R., now Robbie, was adopted and his new life in a loving, patient and caring forever home began.
April 2022: The Happy-ish Ending:
Robbie no longer hides and now enjoys sitting and being with his forever family. He’s had another surgery to close his ears and his health continues to improve. Christine leaves no stone unturned when solving the myriad of medical issues that have arisen. Recently, testing revealed that Robbie has 2 different cancers. Undeterred, Robbie and his family have taken it all in stride, continuing to give Robbie his best life. He is loved and cared for, which is all this determined cat ever really wanted.
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