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The mission of the Dutchess County SPCA is to help the abandoned, abused homeless animals of Dutchess County. To support this mission we will always give priority to those animals first. Also, as a shelter that accepts animals involved in Humane Law cases, from time to time we might not be able to accept incoming animals from private homes.

We encourage pet owners to resolve issues on their own before considering placing their pet in a shelter. Animal shelters are stressful places for animals. Here are some ways to resolve common concerns:

If you’re moving: Please allow plenty of time to either locate a new residence that accepts pets or to find a home for your pet.

If your pet is having behavioral problems please do your best to solve them. Speak to your veterinarian and contact an animal trainer for classes and other suggestions. Some behavioral issues are caused by underlying medical problems. Others may be addressed through training or by making changes to your pet’s environment and household routines.

If someone in your home is suffering with allergies, please consult a physician as there are a number of medical possibilities to help. Consult your veterinarian as there are some pet food additives that can reduce pet dander. You can also create a clean room in your house with an animal free zone and use hypo allergenic pillows and pillow covers

If however, you find that you still must relinquish your pet to our shelter:
• You will need to call for an appointment. (please inquire about schedule)
• A spayed or neutered animal that is up to date on vaccinations will receive priority admittance.
• You will be asked to fill out a Cat or Dog Personality Profile Form to assist us in finding your pet a new home
•There is an intake fee

Please note that if you miss your scheduled appointment, you will again be placed at the end of any waiting list and must establish another appointment.

Because the shelter is a stressful environment for any animal, we urge you to place your pet privately whenever possible. Our shelter has an incredibly successful adoption percentage, but the sad reality is that some animals remain at our shelter for many months waiting for a new home.


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