Aunt Pittie and Clawdius: Advice for Perturbed Pet Parents

Itchy Butts and Purrsonal Purrfrences Edition

Dear Aunt Pittie,

Why does my dog scoot her butt across the floor?

Mop N’glow

Dear Mop N’glow,

Poor chérie! The most common reason for scooting one’s derriere is that the (excusez-moi for this word) anal glands are impacted. That’s something that the cultured dog discusses only with the doctor. There are other causes as well such as (I swoon at the thought) worms. Whatever the reason it is highly      inelegant, so get thee to a veterinary!

Dear Clawdius,

My cat doesn’t purr. Is there something wrong?

Dougie’s Dad

Dear Dougie’s Dad

Presumably Dougie is the feline in question? Have you ever thought that his undignified name may be depressing him? Seriously, some cats do not purr and it doesn’t mean anything—they just never develop the habit. But you should know that sometimes a purr does not mean they are happy. We cats will also purr when we are stressed–so learn, mere human, to interpret our purrs properly.

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Artwork copyrighted by Jackie Squire.