Community Cat Spay / Neuter (TNR)

Community Cat Spay / Neuter (TNR)2016-10-30T14:34:27+00:00

What is a community cat?  A community cat is a wild animal.  Usually a person is unable to touch or pick up a community cat.  They will normally run from humans.  To catch a community cat, it is often necessary to humanely trap them using a hav-a-heart trap.  Community cats tend to live in groups called a colony.  A colony will normally not accept new cats into the group.  The best way to manage a community cat colony is through spay/neuter.  By spaying / neutering all of the members of a colony, the colony will shrink through attrition.  For more information on community cats, visit Alley Cat Allies.

We provide spay/neuter services for community cats at a discounted rate.  Surgery for community cats is done on Thursdays.  We have a limited number of humane traps available for use (requires a deposit, which will be returned when the trap is brought back).  Call 845.452.7722, Ext. 403 for more information or to make an appointment.

Community Cats (Trap, Vaccinate, Spay/Neuter, and Return program)
• $40.00 includes a rabies vaccination and ear notch. Ear notching is required to receive the discounted price of $40.00
• Proof of Feline Distemper vaccination is not required