Dutchess County Animal Abuse Registry

Dutchess County SPCA logoFrom the Dutchess County Government website:  Local Law No. 4 of 2019, established by legislative resolution no. 2019205 and effective September 16, 2019, restricts persons who have committed serious animal welfare crimes from owning or living with an animal for a period of fifteen (15) years and to be listed on the Sheriff’s website in order to restrict their ability to obtain an animal.

Any individual convicted of an animal abuse crime after September 16, 2019 and residing in the County of Dutchess must register with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, and will appear on this registry.

Any person or entity transferring the ownership of an animal is required to inspect the registry to see if the person obtaining ownership is listed. 

This legislation was signed into law at the Dutchess County SPCA by County Executive Mark Molinaro and County Legislator Gregg Pulver last September.

For more information:  Dutchess County Animal Abuse Registry

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