Legacy Society Members

We would like to thank all of our Legacy Society Members for their generous
supportof the Dutchess County SPCA.

The Estate of Claude A. Angot*
The Estate of Marie L. Baas*
The Estate of Michael P. Bergmann*
Dr. Karen T. Blonder and Jerry L. Toepfer
Karen and Jerry recently told us, “We adopted our animals for love and the Dutchess County SPCA for life.”
Margaret and Kenneth* Brizzie
The Estate of Jacob J. Broschart*
The Estate of Marion Cantwell*
Marion was a long-time friend of the shelter and former volunteer. A plaque in her memory was installed in the heart of the new Adoption and Education Center, a fitting location for a woman who truly loved the animals here at the DCSPCA.
Jacquie Cookingham
The Estate of Marjorie Crodelle*
Putnam and Elizabeth C. Davis Charitable Trust*
The Estate of Ivy Detterbeck*
The Estate of Jack Dorer*
The Estate of Veronica Frija*
Estate of Elizabeth Hardinge*
The Estate of Dr. Edith Har-Esh*
In 2006, The DCSPCA accepted a gift from Poughkeepsie attorney Marco Caviglia, executor of the estate of Dr. Edith Har-Esh. That gift was the catalyst for The Campaign for Hope to build a new Adoption and Education Center.
The Estate of Ruth R. Hartley*
The Estate of Patricia Hawkins-Anderson*
Bonnie J. Hill
The Estate of Helen T. Jackson*
Beverly Kane
Kitty and Hank Kastler
Ron M. And Cathy Lane
Lorraine Lingad*
Lorraine Lingad was a secretary at her church prior to her retirement. She loved all animals. During her working years she saved her money hoping that some day she could do something that would really make a difference. She included the Dutchess County SPCA in her will. Her gift helped us to reach our fundraising goal for the Campaign for Hope to build a new Adoption and Education Center. Ms. Lingad would be pleased to know that she did make a big difference in the lives of homeless, abused and neglected animals in her community.
The Estate of Frances C. Moore*
The Estate of Mary S. Ogden*
Katherine M. Phenix*
As a regular donor to the animal shelter during her lifetime, Katherine Phenix was excited about the DCSPCA’s plans to complete a new Adoption and Education Center. Ms. Phenix and her sisters, Bea and Dot Lamb loved animals. It is because of their love for animals that the DCSPCA was able to complete construction of the new Adoption and Education Center.
Sheryl Jeanne Pierson
The Estate of John L. Seeley*
The Estate of Elizabeth Seitz*
The Estate of Clifford F. Smith*
The Estate of Frances Stephan*
George A. Strba*
Mr. Strba continues to make a life-saving difference for the animals of the Dutchess County SPCA through The George A. Strba Charitable Trust.

* deceased